What we offer

DLA has teamed up with 360 Solutions as a Strategic Partner to provide a system with over 140 features, making it one of the most flexible employment assessment systems on the market.

Over 23 years of research and development have gone into this employment assessment system to ensure clients have fast, accurate, cost effective and EEOC compliant results

What we Provide

  1. Personality Profile
  2. Employee Engagement Survey
  3. Sales Aptitude
  4. I.Q. Assessment
  5. Math and Spelling
  6. Custom Survey
  7. Customer Aptitude
  • Personality Profile

This is the foundation behind the Assessment and Survey system.

This report provides a 8-18 pages of the applicant’s character and taken traits, along with what you may expect from the applicant. This tool can be utilized on existing employees and managers to determine when they best fit in your organization. We will create custom benchmarks for your business needs, helping you place internally as well external hires.

Learn about 17 character and talent traits. Our Survey also adds two further dimensions not included in many other online assessments. Each profile gives a Consistency Score. This score can show where a candidate did not take their time, does not know themselves or tried to sway the results. Each profile also gives a Current State of Mind or CSM level. This is an indicator of the applicant’s state of mind at the time the assessment was taken. The higher the score, the more confident the person is. The lower the score, the more likely this person is to be experiencing work or personal related issues.

Our personality assessment provides a simple, easy to read, yet detailed report identifying how well the person scores in four key personality types. Each assessment provides which personality type is dominating, secondary and least like. It also defines how the person scores in each of the 17 personality traits on a scale of 1 to 5 (weak – extreme).

Paid surveys feature detailed accounts of each Primary and Secondary personalities and personalized details for each character trait.

  • Candidate Profile

Much like the Personality Profile, our Candidate Profile utilizes the same metrics with added benefits. Candidate Profiles can be processed through our existing benchmarks, created from data taken from thousands of assessments created over the years. You can choose one of our existing benchmarks or we can work with you in creating benchmarks specific to your positions in your organization.

Another value our assessments have is that once the profile is generated and run through a benchmark, follow up questions are created for that candidate which allow you to explore why they may have scored the way they did in certain characteristics. This is an outstanding tool, adding to your interview process and helping you choose the right person for the right job at the right time.

  • I.Q. Test

iq-testThis survey is a standard assessment used by many businesses, schools, and other institutions to evaluate reasoning and problem solving abilities. It is a general assessment of your ability to think and reason.

This is a timed assessment and includes standard I.Q. Scoring in the results.


  • Benchmarking Services

DLA-C can custom benchmark your positions so that you can make the most of your hiring and placement decisions. How many times have you said, “I wish I had more people like James?” We take the profiles of your best employees by position and merge them together to create a baseline.

We then work with you to modify the baseline, fine tuning each characteristic to meet the expectations you set for that position. Then you can profile existing employees to determine how well they fit that position. The benchmarked profile can also be used to determine areas of training a particular employee may need.

Finally, as you hire new employees this can be one additional component that your company can use to ensure you’re placing the right person in the right job at the right time.

  • The Aptitude System

The aptitude system is designed to evaluate knowledge levels in the respective position. Current aptitude tests online include Sales, Project Management and Telemarketing. Candidates are rated on a five-step rating based on knowledge level. The report also lists each question and how they answered. This provides individual knowledge score for the candidate.

Each report also provides what we call the “read between the lines” score assessing whether or not the knowledge score comes from experience or study.

We can develop Custom Aptitude tests for your business needs. Contact us for more information.

  • Employee Engagement Survey

This survey uses group-based opinions to help you evaluate the overall engagement of your employees. Since an engaged workforce is so important to a company’s long-term achievement, it is essential that every measure is taken to understand a staff’s level of engagement. The first step to measuring employee engagement is to issue an employee engagement survey.