About Us

We believe that leadership is the critical force that shapes organizational results. However, leading today is more difficult than ever due to the accelerating pace of change and escalating complexity of the world around us. The traditional command and control model is not adequate in most industries to drive outstanding performance. We teach a new model of leadership and help leaders design collaborative, nimble organizations in which each person is a contributing partner in the business.

We also believe in the importance of an engaged workforce. People do the work of an organization and are, ultimately, responsible for its success. Hierarchy and bureaucracy often stifle performance. One of our objectives is to unleash the motivation of people and take advantage of their natural intelligence and creativity by designing organizations that encourage people to add value rather than merely comply.

At a macro level, the purpose of our consulting and training is to get alignment between a company’s Core Ideology,+ business strategy (how it differentiates itself and takes advantages of opportunities in the marketplace), leadership behaviors, internal design (processes, structure, and systems), and culture (employee attitudes and behavior). We use a systems and holistic approach to change, in which we pay attention to the context of a change project as well as the interdependencies among various elements of organizational life.